Polina Gagarina commented on the decision to leave the scene

Полина Гагарина прокомментировала решение об уходе со сцены
The singer made an unexpected confession.

Polina Gagarina


Six months ago, in the life of Polina Gagarina happened a great happiness: the singer has a daughter MIA. The birth of a girl changed the life of the artist. The singer admits her relationship with MIA was initially so strong that shortly after birth she was thinking about how to devote to her daughter all her life. Pauline was determined to finish singing career and to leave the scene.

Pauline said that the first time after the birth of MIA, she refused to leave the house and became a real “chicken-hen”. Friends, accustomed to activity Gagarina was surprised at how it has changed after the second birth. The artist is not just reflected on the theme of retirement from the world of show business, and have made concrete actions in this direction. She seriously tried to cancel all scheduled performances.

“I’m so done pregnant that I wanted directly from the hospital to start any gig. In the result, the opposite happened. When Miura was born, everyone was very scared because I went straight to a real play mother hen. I never left the house, — has told Polina. And I began then to think: all right, abandon a singing career!”

Probably at that time the mood of a young mother is strongly influenced by hormones. Soon this condition has and Gagarin return to the same tight schedule. Now she successfully combines motherhood with career.

By the way, recently my daughter Pauline said her first word — “daddy.” Gagarin opened a little secret: her husband Dmitry Iskhakov a little “cheated” in this issue. As it turned out, he every day from morning to night repeated when mie the word “dad”, so, according to Pauline, the father simply left her right to choose. “Dima every day she repeated like a mantra: “I’m the daddy, daddy, daddy”. So today, my daughter just out of despair uttered the word,” — quoted Pauline Ok.