Полина Гагарина отметила день рождения дочери на Мальдивах
The singer shared a photo of the grown-up MIA.

Полина Гагарина отметила день рождения дочери на Мальдивах

Polina Gagarina

Photo: Instagram

Polina Gagarin returns to Moscow from the Maldives, where he spent
last two weeks. It was there, on Paradise island, the singer said mini-day
the birth of her daughter, MIA — the little girl turned nine months. On the day of departure
snow-covered capital, the actress made for members personal microblog
nice gift — issued a joint photo with MIA, showed where the face
girls. However, facial features is almost can’t see due to the tricky angle,
chosen husband of the star — a professional photographer Dmitry Isakov.

And yet fans of Gagarina were delighted. After all
picture shows rose baby. “Very big! As nice as
grow up!”— they wrote. “No strength, they do not want to leave, but duty calls, and we
pack your bags… — says Polina. — It was a fantastic vacation!»

It is worth noting that the singer was very nervous before the trip, after all
MIA flew for the first time in this long journey. As a result, Gagarin
took for her a suitcase of things. Herself forgot: picked up a whole
13 swimwear to show a chiseled figure. On holiday the singer has mastered
new sport — stand up paddle surfing: “I liked this gizmo.
Miusa when the day falls asleep, mom is hanging out.” And while Pauline played sports,
her favorite male son Andrew and husband, photographer Dmitry Iskhakov, fought in
tennis. During the holidays, the singer regularly published in his microblog
photos, and fans did not get tired to admire her chiseled figure. Hard
believe that Pauline became a mother for the second time less than a year ago. All that
while she has worked hard on themselves, trying to bring the body in perfect
condition. Every day to her house came a personal instructor who
worked with her individually. On tour Gagarin
independently performed a minimum set of exercises even if the hotel,
where she lived, there was no gym.

Photo: Instagram