Полина Гагарина больше не может скрывать беременность The artist demonstrates an obvious change in shape. The performer was difficult to conceal from the public the “Song of the year” its an interesting position. Singer, apparently, is preparing to become a mother for the second time and give husband Dmitry ishakova heir.

      Полина Гагарина больше не может скрывать беременность

      In recent time did not abate the controversy surrounding the pregnancy of Polina Gagarina. According to media reports, the woman is expecting their second child. Information has not been confirmed completely, however, just a few days ago in the microblog artist have an official statement, stating that she feels fine and continues to work in its customary schedule. In fact, it was sort of a rebuttal, but it was enough to netizens began to congratulate the artist.

      Polina Gagarina announced the timing of a new pregnancy

      It should be noted that today in SK “Olympic” ceremony “song of the year 2016”, which was attended by Polina Gagarina. Despite the fact that the star chose a voluminous dark dress, she still failed to hide from the camera lenses the pregnancy. One gets the impression that the woman is not trying to hide the increasing in the volume of the stomach, but no comments, it still does not.

      Полина Гагарина больше не может скрывать беременность

      See the pictures from the event, many were convinced that the singer will once again become a mother soon. Concerns about his interesting position appear to be well justified, because Gagarin didn’t want to dwell on this too much attention. Some fans of Polina already actively discussing her interesting position, and a number of followers at all began to congratulate the star with the upcoming addition to the family.

      “Pauline, I am convinced that you will have a baby! Congratulations!”, “I’m so happy for you. Don’t know how much is true, but the idea cannot fail to arouse admiration”, “You’ve had time to think about procreation with her husband,” “the news would be one of the best experiences in the past year”, – expressed his opinion followers Gagarina.
      Полина Гагарина больше не может скрывать беременность

      It should be noted that the celebrity has repeatedly stated that he would like to become a mother for the second time, but I’m not sure when she will succeed this dream. She claimed for several months that she wants to give her husband Dmitry ishakova heir. Then she was told that cannot name exact date, but it will happen in the foreseeable future. Probably, this moment has come in the life of the performer. It is important to recall that Pauline is eight-year-old son Andrew from his first marriage with actor Peter Kislov.