Полина Гагарина встала на защиту Федора Смолова
The singer urged to stop to throw mud at the player for losing the match Russia-Croatia.

Polina Gagarina

Photo: Instagram

between the national teams of Russia and Croatia for
the semi-finals, unfortunately,
ended with the defeat of our team.
Russian players is not enough
bare: the game ended with the score
2:2 and penalty shootout 3:4 in favor of the Croats.
To many fans it was a shame to tears,
but all agreed that the game was more than worthy. Against this background, criticism
subjected to Fedor Smolov. Many believe
it is responsible for the loss,
although Smolov couldn’t punch the ball into the goal
and another member of the team — the young defender
Mario Fernandez and is missed
sending the ball off target…

Haight everywhere shed a lot on Fernandez,
— wrote one of the network bloggers. —
Friends, he is a defender and very young. It
worked the entire match, Yes, missed, but
it is. He can be forgiven for this
fantastic job 120 minutes. But Smolova
— it is impossible. Not only that, he did not
anything useful on the pitch because of him
scored the second goal (stood in the penalty area
closed the guest book review), and
penalties are not able to score. It
forward such mistakes in the championship
this level is unforgivable”. With this
view agree hundreds of fans
football, but not Polina Gagarina.

please! Be kind, don’t spoil yourself
karma! — wrote a star in the personal
microblog. — No strength to read, as you
vilify someone who could not
such a wildly complex psychological
moment! And maybe his heart went
fear and responsibility, may have reduced
leg can happen anything.
You couch critics will never experience
these emotions, when watching the whole country!
Support! Hug! Our guys
showed incredible! Now all
the boys of our country want to become
players! Everyone can make mistakes
and then to win! Smolov, I believe you
is all show”. Many fans
artist supported Gagarin and also
expressed his gratitude to the players
for the first time in the history of Russian football
published in the 1/4 finals after defeating
the team of Spain.