Polina Gagarina blocks dissatisfied with her appearance

Полина Гагарина блокирует недовольных ее внешностью
Artist sends critics in the “ban”.

Polina Gagarina

Photo: @gagara1987 (Instagram Polina Gagarina)

Fans adore Polina Gagarina and often praise
singer: talented, charming and beautiful!
But there are those who criticize the external data when the for example, puts in
Internet pictures without makeup. Recently Gagarin admitted that people who write her
shit, it just blocks on the page in social networks.

“Sometimes I read the comments and marvel dayus, — says Polina. — Recent here, says my girlfriend: “All you have spots of pigment,
terrible, how can so to leave the house without makeup! “Shame, they say, and
everything. I read all these troubles and decide to go to her profile and
the description of her profile says she’s the happiest wife, mother and generally
the most-most happy. I think that this is suspicious. But “the
happy” will never write nasty things, she just not in such thoughts,
and time… in General it is necessary to have a certain mindset and feel
extremely dissatisfied to vent their anger, throwing under the harmless
photo artist or any other person. I have it blocked, as block
all of these “happiest”. What, I repeat, negative energy
comes back like a boomerang and has devastating consequences. Waste your
precious time on the things good and useful! And thank you all adequate and
intelligent people reading my “Instagram”. Thank you for your kind words
and support.”