У Полины Гагариной появились первые ученики
The singer gave a master class on vocal for beginners project “Generation M”.

Marina Brusnikina and Polina Gagarina

Photo: Yury Feklistov

Ended in Moscow the theatrical competition
the charity project “Generation M”, which was attended by the guys from 51
region of the country. Within six months more than 1000 students performed
online job of leading artists in the art world. In the end, the teachers have selected 15
the finalists, which on June 28 met personally with mentors in the suburban
Lyubymivka, where each of them was able to demonstrate to the masters your star
talent. Courses for theatre majors were singer Polina Gagarina (vocals),
actor Igor Gordin (acting), Director Marina Brusnikina (re-enactment),
actress Maria Smolnikova (makeup) artist Yuri Harika (set design),
composer Alexander Bakshi (musical composition) and teacher RATI Catherine
Ustinov (theatre costume).

“I’ve never spent mater-classes,
and as a teacher myself tried for the first time, ” says 7days.ru Polina Gagarina. And opened some new
face: I’m able to give some advice to help children to Express ability.
I am pleased to see happy and fascinated by the art of children’s faces. Of course,
had to carve out time from my busy schedule, but I found this
opportunity, because for me it was a matter of honor.”

In the final celebration on June 29 talented
the students presented to the jury the staging of the poem “Ruslan and Lyudmila” on stage
The house-Museum of K. S. Stanislavsky. The main prize of “Newcomer” has won 14-year-old
singer and songwriter Anastasia Kryukova, which received a grant of the project “Generation
M”, will become a student of one of the leading music colleges in the country.

“The Internet is a field for
fantasies, which gives you the opportunity to find real talents, such as Anastasia
Kryukov, explains 7days.ru Polina Gagarina. — In the movie Anastasia stood out immediately: it
composed original piece of music and just sang phenomenally.
To highlight Anastasia will be wrong, all the final contestants theatre
competition “Generation M” and the International Fund of K. S. Stanislavsky — absolutely
beautiful, passionate about art guys. I was inspired by their youth, zeal
and talent, and I was once again convinced that people are involved in creativity,
definition, can not be bad. That is why the younger generation will make the world
better, cleaner, more intelligent and better educated. I wish everyone to try and believe
in their own strength. All participants of the “Generation M” — big well done! Only forward!”

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