Polina Gagarina announced the timing of a new pregnancy

Полина Гагарина озвучила сроки новой беременности Family singer is looking forward to recruiting. Son of Polina Gagarina has long dreamed of a brother or sister, her husband, photographer Dmitry Iskhakov also wants the baby. Star determined in this matter.

      Полина Гагарина озвучила сроки новой беременности

      Recently celebrated its 29th anniversary Polina Gagarina shared their thoughts about the unseen. The famous singer is planning to become a mother again. Her whole family is looking forward to this moment. Eight-year-old son stars Andrew begs mom to she gave him a brother or a sister. Her husband, photographer Dmitry Iskhakov also dreams of recruiting. Pauline is not ready to implement his plan in the near future, however, the timing of a new pregnancy calls are quite real.

      “Of course, we dream about the new addition and Dima wants, and Andrew is waiting for a brother or a sister, and he would need tomorrow. I was the only child in the family and would like for his son. So, maybe not soon, but soon enough it will happen”, says Gagarin. ‘If that was not the film that, in spite of all employment, we’d dropped everything and worked on his appearance”.

      Despite stunning success, the singer continues to stay home. All the free time she dedicates to the family. Polina tries not to leave his son for a long time. So even on tour she’s possibly taking to me, if it’s not distracting him from his studies. It is worth noting that Gagarin doted in his son and has no idea how she lived without it.

      “I wanted a child since childhood. I knew that I have a son and that he will be born early, I very long chose his name, foresaw the emergence of some animal instinct. If not a son, I wouldn’t be who I am, and even Dima would not help the situation. With him I feel very full. All the dreams and all the goals are repulsed by it,” says the star in an interview with the magazine “Hello!”.

      By the way, the boy easily found a common language with Dmitry Isakov, who Gagarina married in 2014. His dad, Andrei, actor Peter Kislov, continues to communicate with his son and carries with it great prestige. But with Dimitri, the child became very close. According to Pauline, Iskhakov constantly amused Andrew, gives him entertainment, plays humorous skits, and even popping up from behind a corner with a red clown’s nose. Of course, this leads the boy into the delight.

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