Polina Gagarina adopted into the family of homeless kids

Полина Гагарина приняла в семью бездомных малышей
The singer made a noble deed.

Polina Gagarina with homeless kittens

Photo: @gagara1987 (Instagram Polina Gagarina)

Polina Gagarina is known to be very sociable and bright person, ready to respond to any call for help. Some time ago, the singer found on the street the frozen four tiny kittens who do not hesitate to take to his house. The artist personally took care of that was found the animals were warmed and fed. When the kids became a little stronger, Gagarin took them to the vet.

Pauline said that the kittens were carried out all the necessary examinations and vaccinations — they are healthy. However, after two weeks, the singer announced that she was forced to break up with selected kids, as she has in the house and so there is a lot of wildlife. Now the artist is looking for their new family.

“The kittens were four, but one was very weak and unfortunately, his veterinarians failed to advance. But these three – healthy, classy and affectionate of the three girls I want to give in good hands is a reliable and good hosts!”, — said Pauline. The little “fuzzies” Gagarin promised to give to someone of their fans. Future owners she will personally choose from among the applicants.

Pauline, meanwhile, is even more responsible approach to the issue of the health of her younger daughter. Recently the actress with a six-month MIA visited the pediatrician who did a full examination of the heiress Gagarina. “I, as usual, was a little worried, but in vain — the doctor said that MIA, everything is fine, so we continue in the same spirit. A lot of walking, lots of sleep and plenty to eat. Speaking of “eat”! My coach even let me on this occasion, the cake! Sorry MIA this yummy is impossible, but it your diet,” keeps fans of Pauline.

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