Polina Gagarina about saving his daughter: “We went for a second under water”

Полина Гагарина о спасении дочери: «Мы ушли на секунду под воду» The singer is resting together with her husband Dmitry Isakov and daughter MIA in the Maldives. Pauline has told fans that marred her vacation. In one of the visits to the water, the actress nearly drowned the baby in the hands.
Полина Гагарина о спасении дочери: «Мы ушли на секунду под воду»

Polina Gagarina again resting in the Maldives. The actress admitted that it’s one of her favorite places. The singer shared with fans, footage of exotic travel.

However, this time with the actress and her daughter MIA had a nasty accident. The singer stepped on the coral and fell with the baby on hands.

“So the rest this time. Stepped on a coral, heel, backing away, and was Miusa, which joyfully waved hands… We went for a second under water, mom picked up. Thank God! A cut deep enough but I was not discouraged! Loaded foot on Myosin lap swimming to water and flutter in the water like an upturned cockroach. Quite funny. My little ridiculed, but more pity! The Maldives this time hostile to us”, – shared the singer with the Network users.
Полина Гагарина о спасении дочери: «Мы ушли на секунду под воду»

This is not the first case when on vacation with Pauline unpleasant incidents happen. In February, the actress reported about how the wave in Portugal during a photo shoot. Gagarin from hitting the water are unable to stay on his feet, and a long, wet skirt, which was on the artist, pulled her into the depths. Spouse celebrity photographer Dmitry Iskhakov, in time came to her aid.

“The husband got his camera, I’m wearing a fashionable skirt, you stood with your back to the ocean and started to take the crown poses! And then… I Feel something cool on my legs spreads, then more, and then cries! All waving their hands flying skirt becomes wet, very heavy “anchor” that gives me the opportunity to move a step. I screamed from the cold. The Atlantic covers me almost from head. I like a real artist, keep the face and hair on top of the water to the last. Begins the struggle with the elements. Husband struggling to pull my hand and tries to rescue from the clutches of the treacherous ocean depths. I’m almost exhausted flounder, but do not lose hope out! The main thing we were worried that suddenly came a huge wave will begin to pull back! But this is all. But, thank God, my husband was a real Superman – no wonder is in the bar every day… and he saves me! In General, we swim in the Atlantic in February. Pretty cool, but on the other hand was scary! As we think about what could have been a completely different story. It was a single wave for the whole day, because we then filmed on the beach until the evening. Oh, and tourists, though from afar, but managed to capture the incident!” – said Gagarin fans.