Полина Гагарина показала подросшую дочку
Eight-month-old MIA took part in the filming of the Christmas family portrait.

Photo: @gagara1987 (Instagram Polina Gagarina)

Polina Gagarina protects your family happiness as the Apple of his eye. Since April last year, when the actress became a mother for the second time, she never posted a photo of his daughter. But on the occasion of the New year Pauline decided to publish in the network of the MIA. For hedging, the singer covered her face with a “smile.”

Fans, despite the fact that I never saw until that of MIA’s face was touched by the family portrait of Pauline. “How interesting to see her!”, “Great! Sitting by yourself, good girl!”, “Soon the first steps will be. Parents are great”, “Wonderful family portrait!” — posted by fans of the performer.

For Gagarin, of course, the main event in 2017, the year was the birth of a daughter. After that, she had to quickly get back in shape, so was waiting for her rigorous schedule of performances and filming. “I want to say thank you to your husband, which continue to open professional and personal talents and traits, to be surprised and enjoy it! I thank the person who gave me this, make me a perfectly happy man and woman.

Thank you to my family, to my family, my beloved mother and my team which sometimes goes with me fire, water and copper pipes. I know that with me is not easy, but I love you! I want the New Year to give me more strength and discoveries in yourself and in the world. Surprise themselves with their own will power and go forward.” — fans congratulated Pauline.