Polina Dibrova’s godmother

Полина Диброва стала крестной мамой The model and wife of well-known TV presenter has shared with his fans the good news. The fact that the son of friends Polina Dibrova baptized, and she became a second mother to him. It happened quite recently. The happy parents are receiving congratulations from relatives and friends.

      Полина Диброва стала крестной мамой

      Model and wife of a famous TV presenter Polina Dibrova recently became the godmother of a charming Brand-Aaron, son of her close friends. According to the woman, the child behaved well, did not make a fuss and didn’t cry. Pauline I’m really glad my new responsibilities as a second mother to the boy. She also wished him happiness and congratulated the parents of the baby.

      “Congratulations to the happy parents — Daniel and Svetlana, all the relatives and friends with the baptism of Marc-Aaron. Lovely kid, behaved amazing… never cried, smiled and watched with interest the passing ☀ this is a Happy future for our son! God bless him,” wrote Pauline in social networks.
      Полина Диброва стала крестной мамой

      The baptism of baby Dibrova approached responsibly. To prepare for it she started a few days before the actual ceremony. The woman does not hide that such an important role that was placed upon her by her friends, meant a lot to her. “Tomorrow is a very important day in our lives. Infant baptism coincided with the great feast of the Trinity” — a record made Pauline in his microblog on the eve of this event.

      And on the day of ceremony Pauline could not hide his joy about what’s about to happen. In the Church she went in a flowing summer dress light purple color, decorated with flounces. Dibrova also took a handkerchief to cover his head, and a small cross. “Godmother ready for the meeting with his son. May God grant health and happiness to our baby… Today the sun is shining directly in the face,” this post was made by a woman before baptism.

      Members of the model supported it and wished the child every success. They also noted that the dress her very much to face. “Polina, you’re very beautiful. Just a good kid,” “Pauline, you look great”, “the color of the dress is just great,” Pauline, you are wonderful, God bless you and your husband everything, ” they wrote.

      Recall that the wife of Dmitry Dibrova — mother of many children, she has three children — six-year-old Alexander, Theodore two-year and one-year-old Elijah. The broadcaster also has two adult heirs from a previous marriage — Dennis and Lada.

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      Pauline is very proud of their children and share their successes in his microblog. The woman also is a supporter of a healthy lifestyle. She plays a lot of sport and slowly introduce it to their children.

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