Polina Dibrova confessed how much he had paid for the title “Mrs. Russia”

Полина Диброва созналась, сколько заплатила за титул «Миссис Россия»
The wife of broadcaster said ill-wishers to the main question.

Polina Dibrova with the leading competition

Photo: @Instagram polinadibrova Polina Dibrova

Victory Polina Dibrova in the competition “Mrs. Russia 2017” provoked a storm of discussions. The finals of the competition long ago left behind, but the Network still do not cease passion about winning the wife of the TV presenter. Detractors consider it a victory of Pauline undeserved and even “paid”, alluding to the fact that the husband “bought” for the spouse title.

Polina has long been accustomed to the attacks of the haters. During active use of the social networks she learned to deal with detractors: put in a “block” and not to engage in open conflict. But messages with unflattering comments about “bought” the crown became more and more every day, so Pauline still had to comment.

Dibrova said, what really paid for the contest… But exactly like all the other participants. We are talking about the entrance fee in the amount of 65 thousand rubles. This amount was required for participation in the beauty contest. Incidentally rival after the contest, spoke warmly to the address of Dibrova and claimed an undeserved victory Polina.

Recall that his victory Polina is dedicated to his three sons. It is for them that she decided to participate in the competition “Mrs. Russia”.