Polina Dibrova changed her image

Полина Диброва резко сменила имидж Wife of the famous showman was struck by their fans in a new way. She has straight cut bangs. Subscribers microblog young woman noted that this hairstyle is Pauline, and she looks like a young girl.

      Полина Диброва резко сменила имидж

      The wife of Dmitry Dibrova Polina surprised all the fans with their new spring manner. At the weekend the wife of entertainer met up with the designer Anastasia Nadykto. In the photograph, which the mother of three children shared on Instagram, she’s wearing brand things his friend and looks different than usual. It turned out that it is not in the clothes and in the hair Dibrova.

      Polina cut off all your straight bangs, which caused a flurry of comments from his fans. According to most, a new way turned the girl to face, she looks much younger than his years. “Pauline, you crazy go Bang. And you look so beautiful”, “Just a girl”, “the Fringe you made a very young and a little different” – such compliments left subscribers microblog Dibrova under the photo brunette in the gym.

      In the fitness center a young woman is preparing hard for the concert “Todes”, which left up to three weeks. The event will be held on the stage of “Crocus city Hall”. Dibrova have to compete in the art of dance with members of the professional dance clubs. In the framework of training Pauline makes stretching and warms up the muscles so as not to damage cords when performing difficult elements.

      After the birth of the third son of Elijah wife Dibrova have long tried to bring his body in order. The ex-model believes that to achieve a toned figure is impossible only in sports, it is necessary to carefully follow the diet. Polina sometimes shares with followers the secrets of his healthy diet and shows you what healthy meals her family eats.

      Despite the fact that Dibrova raising three kids, she has quite enough time for their Hobbies. Her husband Dmitry hired a staff of nannies and governesses, so that Pauline could meet up with friends or to accompany a loved one on different social events. According to Dibrova, nothing is more damaging to family happiness as a wife, standing at the kitchen stove in a Bathrobe.

      We will remind that Dmitry and Polina Dibrovy together since 2009. According to the couple, they never argued in all that time. If there’s a conflict, each spouse is calling to his friends for advice. Dmitry has repeatedly said that Pauline fell in love with at first sight and knew immediately that she would be the mother of his children.

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