Полина Диброва устроила для среднего сына звездную вечеринку The heir of a famous TV host was three years old. Polina and Dmitry Dibrovy celebrated the birthday of son, Theodore at home, having invited to his house many famous personalities. Among guests were seen Pavel Astakhov, Natalia Podolskaya, Oksana Fedorova and others.

      The family of the famous TV presenter Dmitry Dibrov and his wife Polina is considered to be one of the most strong and harmonious in the Russian show-business. The couple are raising three sons Sasha, Fyodor and Ilya, and promotes traditional family values. Polina Dibrova shared the hardships of the travel with kids

      So the average of the heir of Feodor, which on 6 December was three years old, Polina and Dmitry Dibrovy decided to celebrate in a luxurious restaurant and in the walls of their spacious and comfortable mansion on Uspensky highway. The date fell on a weekday, December 6 – Sunday, so the celebration was moved to Saturday. On the occasion of Dibrovy decorated living room with garlands of congratulations to the address of Theodore, a unique atmosphere was created by bright balloons, of which there was, apparently, countless.

      “Happy birthday, Fyodor! Thanks to our friends for this holiday!” signed Polina Dibrova image, depicting cheerful brotherhood they have with Dimitri house.

      Visiting Dobrovich was a huge company that had many children. It is known that among friends Polina and Dmitry, a lot of families who are raising one child. Among the participants of this fun party was spotted and very well-known people. To congratulate Fyodor birthday came a human rights activist Pavel Astakhov, the singer Natalia Podolskaya and her son Artemy, TV presenter and designer Oksana Fedorova children, humorist Michael Grushevsky son Misha and others. The hero of the occasion this day is just filled with wishes and gifts. But perhaps the most sincere and touching greeting sounded from Sasha, an older brother Fedi. The boy had learned and with great feeling said the poem received its share of applause.

      Polina Dibrova and guests of her family in his microblog shared photos from the celebration, bringing together children and adults in one fun and friendly company. According to them, in the hospitable home Dobrovich was created by the incredibly warm atmosphere of a family celebration, noted in his comments, the users of the Network. “What fun! Super!”, “This is birthday!”, “Did you do everything!” “Happy birthday, Fyodor! Let it grow the happiest,” write followers Polina Dibrova.