Polina Dibrova announced the addition to the family

Полина Диброва сообщила о прибавлении в семье The wife of TV presenter shared emotions in microblog. According to Polina Dibrova, she and her husband learned the good news. Their relatives have another baby. Large mother claims that her sons are now twice an uncle.

      Polina Dibrova often tells subscribers about your family sometimes asks their advice, and shares on the social network page of joyful events. A few hours ago, the wife of the popular TV presenter told followers that became a grandmother for the second time. Her nephew is with her husband Dmitry Dibrova second child was born. Polina posted a bright picture with the birthday boy and wrote that their family became larger.

      “Born a wonderful grandson Fabi. May God grant health and happiness to the baby. Well, Sasha, Fedya, and the funny thing is, Ilya, double-uncle. You know those funny words? Not so bad being a grandfather to sleep with grandma. Until perceive all with humor,” said mother of many children.

      Members congratulated Dubrovich with a happy event and noted that Polina is a very energetic grandmother. The woman regularly goes in for sports and dancing to keep the body in good shape. According to the wife of entertainer, she is planning to meet the beach season with the perfect abs, so does not spare himself in training. Besides, large mother goes on a massage.

      “I saw this for the first time! Called fitness massage. In General, I have taken a static posture: the raised feet, strained abs and so on. And at this time, the master is actively massaged the disputed points”, – said the wife Dibrova.

      Polina’s husband sometimes expresses dissatisfaction with the fact that she dedicates a lot of time on social networking sites. Indeed, during each feast of his beloved woman is trying to photograph all event on a mobile phone to show it to their subscribers.

      “She makes pictures from morning to night. First year and a half I haven’t scolded for it, and then in General boiled. If she was only doing for me, God bless her. She’s got “Instagram”, and I have Pink Floyd and nineteen guitars. Well and good: it is on the Internet, and I play guitar. It is possible to agree. But when she learned to do when good people, each of which has its own sector in the national culture, then I’m flared up. Now she sits there is less”, – said Dmitry in an interview.