Полицейские раскрыли коварные планы похитивших шикарные наряды Киркорова Law enforcement officers detained the thieves who robbed the king of the Russian show-business. The result is Philip Kirkorov returned to the sumptuous costumes in one piece. The actor has expressed appreciation to the guards of an order for such efficient work.
Полицейские раскрыли коварные планы похитивших шикарные наряды Киркорова

When Philip was on tour in Nizhny Novgorod region, it occurred unpleasant incident. The king of pop stole. Night unknown broke into the truck with the trappings of a large-scale show of the artist “I”. The next morning, the employees of the star has missed eight expensive outfits of the dancers, therefore, appealed to law enforcement agencies. Colleagues Kirkorov filed in the police Department in the town of Pavlovo.

Philip Bedrosovich tried with humor to relate to the situation. During a concert in Nizhny Novgorod region, the singer said ironically, and the hall has supported its storm of applause.

“Maybe people needed. I just badly imagine how they will walk in this Pavlovo. Let it remain on their conscience. If these outfits will make them happy, then perhaps it is also my mission to introduce to the wonderful not so civilized way as you – turned by the fans. – We have a solid company, so all the costumes in three copies. Yes, my 30 years of concert experience makes itself felt, we are prepared for all emergency circumstances.”

In the future, the thieves managed to detain hot on the trail. Therefore, the team of Philip Bedrosovich in a short time returned to the chic outfits. The singer thanked the law enforcement Agency and transferred to Instagram all employees of Intermunicipal Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia “Pavlovsk”.

“The crime was solved! Paul security and spetsorgany after conducted serious investigative activities detained the thieves, which revealed on the eve of Pavlovo and stole a concert of our trucks with the equipment and paraphernalia of costumes from the show “I do,” said the good Kirkorov in social networks. – All the costumes in one piece. Did not have time to walk around Pavlovo the hapless thief, but in vain. I’d like to see this picture.”

The actor also expressed separate gratitude from their subordinates. “Once again low bow from our entire team, especially from the female part, because they left yesterday naked, even though it was kind of piquancy,” he joked Philip Bedrosovich.

Later journalists found out who was planning to get rich on the outfits of the artist. It turned out that the truck revealed students aged 17 and 13 years. The Teens decided to implement the costumes familiar to the nurse, but she refused. Why the chief of the thieves went to the exam, to sell clothing teachers or students. There he was detained by police, reports Mash.

By the way, despite the unfortunate incident the man managed to visit on Tuesday at the presentation of clothes collections created by the singer Nyusha with the American designer Leka. Pop king congratulated his colleagues with the upcoming addition to the family and asked whom she is expecting a boy or a girl. In response, Jane just shook hands. “So will or bride for my son Martin, or groom for Alla-Victoria” – not lost Philip Bedrosovich.