Police of Khabarovsk understands the situation with the taxi driver, poured green paint girls

Полиция Хабаровска разбирается в ситуации с таксистом, облившим зеленкой девушек According to some reports, passengers did not pay the fare. Video recording of the incident appeared online. In this car driver Teens forced to wash the solution, thereby punishing them.

Law enforcement agencies of Khabarovsk has begun preliminary examination after the emergence of online video, which the taxi driver forced the two girls to wash the green paint. According to some reports, the driver of the car tried thus to punish the passengers for something they didn’t pay for the trip. The police are investigating the incident.

“In the video can be signs of a wrongful act,” – said the head of the press service of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Khabarovsk territory Kirill Blinov reporters.

According to an employee of the Department, the movie could be filmed in the Industrial area of Khabarovsk. The video can be seen as the driver pours the green paint in the palm of one of the girls and forces her to wash the solution. The other participants of the roller face already stained with liquid.

While recording video the man behind the frame explained that women travelling in Khabarovsk located under the town of Vyazemsky. However, they had no money. The amount for the trip was about 2000 rubles.

In the video men joke that violators will be taken to YouTube, where it subsequently was published this entry. “Close your eyes – rubs! Normal rubs, do not be lazy. The lugs are too scrub to be you can see the soldiers,” shouts one of the participants of the events.

Later it became known that the driver poizdevalsya the girls, were punished for their behavior. President of the far Eastern Association of carriers taxi Alexander Sadkov announced the dismissal of the employee.

“We appealed to the head of dispatching service Maxim Shusharina from the city of Kurgan with a request to sever a partnership with these taxi drivers. And that was done. The guide agrees with us, so should not happen”, – said the employee.

Cage believes that it is necessary to enact appropriate laws to bring order in the field of transportation. “There are positive examples in other regions have adopted such laws and the industry cleaned up. Even before this history we have directed to the Duma the project of the regional law on a taxi, we hope it will and he will help in the regulation of the taxi market in the region,” said the man.