Police in Los Angeles mistook the rapper for the robber

Полиция Лос-Анджелеса приняла рэпера за грабителя

What is the difference between a black rapper and an armed robber? And no – I will tell you the police of Los Angeles. The American rapper and composer Wycliffe Jean was confusion. The young man was detained by police who mistook him for a burglar.

The musician told reporters. Whytecliffe reported that police stopped his car and ordered him out of the car, and then put handcuffs on him.
“I have not even asked for documents, not reported, what is the reason for the stop. All my words they have been ignored and talked to me like a criminal” — says the rapper.
Later, the contractor found that it took for the robber who committed a robbery. Supposedly Whytecliffe fit the description. After it became known that this is a misunderstanding, before the artist did not even apologize.
Now the rapper threatens law enforcement litigation. After that the police of Los Angeles made an apology. The staff told reporters that indeed detained the Whytecliffe due to its similarity with the suspect and strange behavior. In total, the artist was in handcuffs just six minutes.