Police found one of the stolen Kim Kardashian jewelry

Полиция обнаружила одну из украденных у Ким Кардашьян драгоценностей

The main thing for the past few weeks discussing all the world’s media, was a daring robbery of Kim Kardashian, during which the jewels were stolen worth over 11 million euros. Spice this crime adds to the fact that Kimberly was in the room where it all happened (the star was bound and determined to the bathroom). In addition to jewelry, were stolen the Kardashian phone containing videos of a sexual nature.

While Kardashian worries that her new video could be made known to the public, the police are not sitting idly and trying to find themselves jewels, and criminals. Yet the guardians of law and order managed to do only the first.

French media reported that the police managed to discover one of the jewels.

The stone was found close to the hotel where the burglary occurred.

“One of the stolen jewels was found nearby, presumably it dropped the robbers. This proves that the criminals could commit an error as much hurry”, — stated in the message.

The police added that the stone could be traces of the DNA of the kidnappers, and then they can check the database available to criminals and to determine whether they have a criminal past behind.

Note that previously put forward the version that the robbery was staged the most Kim Kardashian, to attract the attention of the public. Also suspect was the security guard of stars who found debts of about $ 1 million.