Police cordoned off the house of the new wife of Prince Harry

Полиция оцепила дом новой избранницы принца Гарри
New details of the novel the younger brother of Prince William and Meghan Markle

Полиция оцепила дом новой избранницы принца Гарри

Prince Harry


Meghan Markle


Prince Harry, who managed by some miracle
more than six months to hide his girlfriend from the press, now appears to be canceled
the regime of secrecy. In any case, he did not hide his recent visit to
Canada, where he currently lives with his new girlfriend — 35-year-old actress Meghan Markle, who plays one of the main roles in the series “Force majeure”… this
the publication reported the Daily Mail.

Harry visited Toronto in suburb
the house is Megan, last weekend. Moreover, he spent in the relatively modest
the mansion, which is an actress for two days. While the night celebrated
Halloween, the Prince of fun in the company of Markle in the exclusive club Soho House. And after Harry
departed to his home in the UK, the local police felt obliged to take the house
actress, who, thanks to the Prince became a celebrity of the first magnitude, under
their guard to protect her from intrusions of the press and other intruders.

Looks like
Harry is very serious about his romance with Megan. In any case, he
already managed to introduce her to his father, Prince Charles. And, as it turned out
recently, it happened not accidentally, and in a festive atmosphere. In
September, when the Prince was celebrating his 32nd birthday, Megan received
invitations to the party on this occasion, the Royal estate in Balmoral
Scotland. It is here that she met Charles and his wife Camilla.
However, whether or not in the estate at this moment the Queen herself, is still unknown.

Novel Harry and Megan began in may last
year. They met at one of the charity events, when the Prince
came to Canada at the opening of his brainchild — Invictus Games —
sports games for disabled servicemen. Allegedly, Harry was fascinated
Megan from the first meeting. She also liked the charming Prince, but was
for one thing, she didn’t want to rush to usher in a new
relationship. The fact that at that time, she met up with canadian Cory Vitiello,
a chef by profession. So Harry had to show a fair amount of
the perseverance to win Megan. He showered her countless SMS mi till
long as she agreed to go on a date with him. And since then their romance
developed very rapidly: within six months they went from first meeting to Dating
with parents.

However, there is one small obstacle to further promotion of relationship Harry and
Markle: although she broke up with another canadian — Trevor Engels,
which were married, three years ago, formally, their divorce was not
completed. However, meeting Harry’s Megan
took steps to expedite the process, so soon it will be free