Police are investigating a daring robbery of Elena Malysheva

Полиция расследует дерзкое ограбление Елены Малышевой As it became known to journalists, from clinics popular TV presenter stole more than a million rubles. The suspicion of law enforcement fell on the administrator of the medical center. Itself Elena Malysheva has not responded to the incident.

Recently in mass media there was information that the criminals robbed the clinic presenter Elena Malysheva, situated in the centre of Moscow. According to journalists, the intruder opened the safe and stole a substantial sum of money in the amount of one million 499 thousand rubles.

The main suspect in the case of the robbery of the medical center was the 32-year-old senior administrator by the name of Goat. As the correspondent, the theft was solved in hot pursuit. The clinic room was equipped with video cameras, recordings from which were seized by the law enforcement officials. At the scene also found fingerprints. The police believe that they may belong to the attacker.

At the moment the Goat arrested. Investigating the incident involved law enforcement officers. In fact the incident a criminal case was initiated under article “Theft in especially large size”.

Itself Elena Malysheva has not commented on the incident. On his page in Instagram presenter prefers to share work moments. Recently, it was reported that among the guests for its program “Health” was the Joker Elena borscheva. “We will work together to figure out how to behave to men, if they are experiencing problems in the sexual life,” – said Malyshev.

Recall that the popular TV presenter opened a medical centre in Moscow in March of this year. About the plans of Elena Malysheva at the start of the clinic became known a few years ago. A month later, also earned institution for women in St. Petersburg. Total investment in the project amounted to $ 10 million.

About the daring robbery of the medical center television stars in Moscow it became known last week. As report sources of “Moskovsky Komsomolets” in law enforcement, the disappearance of large sums from the safe found on the morning of Wednesday, September 27.

Many fans of Elena Malysheva know that she excelled not only in his career. The woman happily there was a family life. Together with her husband Igor, the presenter raised two sons. The eldest heir Helena, Yuri Malyshev, followed in the footsteps of their parents. It often appears in pair with the famous mother.

A few years ago, Yuri started a family. The heir to the TV presenter happily married to wife Karina and raising the adorable Cyril. Now Elena Malysheva dreams of her younger heir, too, soon found his wife. Elena Malysheva wants to marry the younger son