Полиция вновь выдвинула обвинения Брэду Питту During the investigation it became known that the actor not only showed cruelty to children, but also manhandled by Angelina Jolie. Now law enforcement officials will interrogate all the people around the couple.

      Полиция вновь выдвинула обвинения Брэду Питту

      In the case of divorce the most beautiful Hollywood couple brad pitt and Angelina Jolie appeared new details. During the investigation, police found out that brad pitt really showed cruelty towards the family members. As have informed in law enforcement bodies, the man not only rude behaved with children and abused spouse. According to some, the heirs was even afraid of his father. Probably, the incident on the plane involving eldest son Maddox was talking about earlier, happened because of the fact that the boy wanted to protect his mother.

      Law enforcement agencies plan to conduct a series of interviews. The police will communicate with the nanny, neighbours and friends of the actors. So far, the children will remain with Angelina, although the term of the temporary guardianship expired a week ago. Pitt has previously expressed the intention to solve the issue of raising children in a judicial procedure. He really misses his sons and daughters. “He feels that his life has become empty without children. The house seems too big and quiet. Brad still feels empty, because he took the most expensive. He’s desperate and is going to settle before the end of the agreement for child custody with Angelina. Brad would agree only on equal conditions,” – said surrounded by stars.

      Some time ago, 52-year-old actor was allowed to see her kids. According to foreign tabloids, the meeting was very emotional. But Maddox refused to communicate with his father. As the familiar saying Jolie, the boy is very close to Angie and has a great impact. According to some reports, the teenager never wants to see brad. The eldest son of Angelina Jolie refused brad pitt

      We will remind that on September 19 Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from brad pitt. Then numerous publications have spread a lot of rumors about the cause of discord in the family, in particular, they talked about violence from the father against the children. The FBI began its own investigation into the incident, which got details about that pitt abused heirs. The actor was also accused of alcohol and drugs. He had to pass tests and undergo a series of psychological tests.