Полежаев из «Папиных дочек» показал результат невероятного похудения The actor was able to lose a few dozen pounds. Mikhail Kazakov, who became famous after participating in the series “father’s daughter”, has changed beyond recognition. The man said that the secret of its perfect shape is walking.
Полежаев из «Папиных дочек» показал результат невероятного похудения

A new edition of the program “Hello, Andrew!” on “Russia 1” was dedicated to the actors and creators of the almanac “jumble”. The Studio came Boris Grachevsky and his numerous wards. One of these wards was Mikhail Kazakov. Fans remember the young artist thanks to its bright appearance. The boy has always been chubby, but, it seems, is not shy about excess weight.

When the Cossacks came in the Studio, didn’t recognize him even Grachevskiy. It turned out that lie down from “Daddy’s daughters” is incredibly thin. According to Michael, he never exhausted yourself with long workouts or diets.

“The secret is very simple – walking. I spent two months dedicated to the walk, and here is the result. Many friends now I just don’t know,” said the Cossacks.
Полежаев из «Папиных дочек» показал результат невероятного похудения

The man really changed. Moreover, he completely changed his views on life. In recognition of Michael, at some point he was no longer interested in acting. That is why the ex-actor has returned to native Tver, where he opened a business. Now the Cossacks happily married, and in 2012, the wife gave him a son, Miroslav.

“Acting is still not mine. I graduated from business school, faculty of Economics. I was always closer to the enterprise, although I am very grateful to Mr Titov for the incredible memories,” says the man.

In the program “Hello, Andrew!” appeared and the other stars “jumble”. So, the hero of the show was Alexander Golovin, who first became famous it was during the filming of the children’s almanac. According to Grachevsky, the boy every day he wrote hundreds of letters, but he refused to even look at messages from fans.

Also a guest Studio became and adult actors who enjoy taking part in the filming of “jumble”, considering it an invaluable experience. Stas Sadalsky, Marina Fedunkiv, Olga Prokofiev and many others thanked Boris Grachevsky for his incredible work.

The Creator of the “jumble” came to the shooting with his young wife. He told about the true reason for the popularity of his main creative creation.

“Even our song is sung “Boys and girls, and their parents”… Each issue is sort of humorous, but it carries some meaning for the children, their moms and dads. It is important for me to “jumble” watched with the whole family, so that people can see it is not only funny pictures, and morality,” – said Grachevsky.

At the end of the program Studio guests thanked Mr Titov for his incredible work. For several decades the existence of the “jumble” Grachevskom managed to find and educate many stars. However, the man does not intend to rest on our laurels, hoping and continue to work on the almanac.