Поэт, заподозривший Пугачеву в плагиате, написал оду Бузовой Alexander Vulykh, some time ago, who accused the author of new songs of the prima Donna of the Russian platform in the theft, he devoted poems to the presenter. Figure literature made an ironic overview of the career and life path of Olga Buzova.
Поэт, заподозривший Пугачеву в плагиате, написал оду Бузовой

Some time ago, a songwriter and journalist Alexander Vulykh suspected that the new smash-hit of Alla Pugacheva “I flew” is a plagiarism of the song “Invented love”, performed 15 years ago by Igor Saruhanov. As a result, the conflict was settled peacefully. Some time later, after the scandal Vulich was once again the center of attention of social network users. This time Alexander has surprised the public with poems dedicated to Olga Buzova.

Figure of literature in comic form, commented on significant events that happened in the life of a celebrity – participation in the project “Dom-2”, married footballer Dmitry Tarasov, divorce and the beginning of a singing career. Vulich did not fail to speak and the rumors about the affair of Olga with the resident Comedy Club Timur by Batrutdinova:

Buzova and Batrutdinov escaped on holiday together

I think about Olga Buzova,
About the power of this phenomenon:
It is, as the crust Arbuzov
Was picked from birth.

Barely alive, the stick-legs
Sticking out of the body sluggish,
Like the fawn on the path,
The two limped.

Поэт, заподозривший Пугачеву в плагиате, написал оду Бузовой

And there, opened, any,
Was powdered, hooked up,
Woke up, slept, woke,
The Swan Princess turned out!

Without FET, Tyutchev, Nekrasov
Culture soaked in clean,
And married for Tarasova,
For most of the player!

And then she would a Bay leaf
Cooking borscht, the fate of not arguing,
But Olya greedy futbolistico
Not drank the soup, and grief.

Don’t get bogged down in arithmetic
And so all was clear with them:
He didn’t give her makeup
But Olga did not let Dima.

And he dragged her to the bathroom
And I beat Oli devils
And said that our team
So motivated Cherchesov!

And Olya was crying to colic
And uproot of hair
And suddenly from that of Olenka
Cut through one voice.

And became the vocalist of Buzova,
Marriage breaking up like a bird
And glory, steeper than karasova,
On the shoulders fell the singer.

Fans in the hall Wake up
The sounds of kissing Oli,
Buzova already and not toils,
Groaning from the aching pain.

She sings in a bluesy manner
About big happiness small mouse
And the meanings of the songs of Olga Buzova
Clear each insect.

Fans from lust
Ready for her to crawl on the belly,
But in the hit parade of her thinking
Will not get such a fucking loser!

Forehead her fire ruby
Burning star in a prominent place.
By Timur by Batrutdinova
She now travels on the sea.

And her husband’s ex – coach
Oblivion took the winds.
There was only one mattress,
Panties Yes darned leg warmers!

Subscribers Vulich welcomed to his work. “Bravo”, “Simply chic”, “Brilliant”, “the case,” – wrote in a network of lovers of the poet. Blogger Vadim Adamyan, at the time, condemned the television lights for the lack of imagination from the producers, shared the poems of Alexander on his Facebook page. By the way, the author of the controversial petition did not change his mind about the state of modern television. “Complete degradation” – these words Manukyan commented on the article one of the publications dedicated to the fights on TV. Husband of Diana Shurygina beat perespevshie with her boyfriend