Podolsky and Presnyakov were thinking about adoption

Подольская и Пресняков задумывались об усыновлении Artists longed for a child more than ten years. After many unsuccessful attempts to become parents Natalia Podolskaya and Vladimir Presnyakov started talking about adoption. It was at this point the expectant mother learned she was pregnant.

      Подольская и Пресняков задумывались об усыновлении

      Natalia Podolskaya and Vladimir Presnyakov over ten years I dreamed about the baby. The attempts of artists to become parents did not bring a positive result. The couple then decided not to give up and find another way out of this situation. They think about how to bring happiness to the kid from the orphanage.

      “When people you want something bad enough and go the right way, God help them. I admit, there was a time when my Party began to discuss adoption, – says Vladimir. And when seriously thought about it, the wife got pregnant”.

      Natalya agreed with her husband. It is not excluded that a couple will adopt the baby, or Podolsk get pregnant again. In recent years she has learned to think positively and to believe that dreams come true. “I have a kick-ass life: interesting job, a wonderful husband, a beautiful home. We traveled, argued, made it up, used to each other, built a house, made a General concert program… ” – the singer says. – There was a child at the dawn of the relationship, who knows they would have passed the test of strength. And just as I rejoiced that my life is properly formed and is in the position”.

      We will remind, the son Presnyakov and Podolsky Artemia ten months. The kid already firmly stand on his feet and actively moving around the arena. Not far off the moment when it will run. “Our happiness galopeau 10 months. Crawling, sitting, four teeth and talking “, tatatatata”, “dadadadada”. My son, my sweet Sweet” – shared Podolsk in the microblog.

      In recognition of the stars, before she suffered very much, if you spent the time aimlessly. The singer always wanted to do something useful, otherwise, in her opinion, life was in vain. Now a favorite activity of Podolsk is the education of his son. She enjoys every minute spent near the baby. “Natasha is a terrific mother. I expected that she will make an excellent mother, but that such! Even a slight groaning of the son she correctly identifies what he wants,” says Presnyakov in an interview with “Telenedelya”.

      Recently the happy father admitted that he dreams about her daughter. “Will this work”, – promised Natalia Podolskaya.

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