Podolsky and Presnyakov told by someone like their son

Подольская и Пресняков рассказали, на кого похож их сын
The star first showed eighteen months Artemia.

Photo: Philip Goncharov

In December the long-awaited son of Natalia Podolsky and Vladimir Presnyakov, Artemia, will be one and a half years.

“Yes, we waited a very long time
our child, we begged. And we’ve come a long way to us
God gave such happiness. But there were different moments, including
moments of despair my tears when I fell on the floor and shouted: “Why then to live
if there is no baby?” — says Natalya.

Star recognizes that with the birth of Artemis involves a lot of coincidences. “First of all, the Theme was born in the year of the Goat or Sheep in the same year Nikita was born in 1991. That is when we realized this, I realized that we’ve been waiting for: year of the Goat! — said Vladimir Presnyakov. — Theme and Nikita are all very similar, they are both active. Jake little, we laughed a lot and laughs so far, and the Theme too. And you know what else is interesting? Artemi feels that Nikita is his. Right, not counting me, none of the males at hand is given. And to Nikita, and grandfather goes. Even stretches to them.”

“And if we talk about appearance, it immediately catches the eye the resemblance to the little Vova and Lena (Elena Petrovna Presniakovas — Approx. ed) — because Dylan was a child was very like his mother, — Natalya told. But the Topic is something elusive and from my dad — no-one but me, my mom, sisters and brother does not notice. Something in the eyes, in the cheeks… I think our Podolsky rod will appear! Of course, Lena and Vladimir Petrovich in the Subject of the soul is not chayut. However, Petrovich comes often to my grandson. ‘ve recently brought a saxophone and played. The theme is very happy, dancing… and Lena tours a lot, she rarely turns out to us to get out. And she is very worried because of this. Fortunately, we have a well established relationship, I constantly send her photo and video”.

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