Подольская станет мамой во второй раз

Fans unveiled a popular singer.

“Our happiness,” it seems like only yesterday happy father Vladimir Presnyakov shared with fans a picture with the newborn baby. Artemy was born on 5 June 2015, and brought a lot of joy to their parents, and the numerous army of fans of the star family. Of course! Observe the famous parents of the crumbs blowing off the dust with his son, was a pleasure.

Fans a year wrote enthusiastic comments and could not get enough of the baby. But wait. Whether still will be! Natalia Podolskaya pregnant again! Yes! And it is absolutely accurate. And photos and videos, which puts the singer in his microblog in Instagram, it only confirms.

Recall that the star couple is considered to be one of the strongest in the world of Russian show business. Artists write songs together and not breaking up even on the road.

Natalia and Vladimir met in 2005 on the show “the Great race”. In 2010, they formalized their relationship. Five years later appeared the first-born Natalia, son Artemy.

“When I found out she was pregnant, Volodya was touring with Nikita. The first thing I called him. The excitement and joy I lost my voice. And I like George Vitsin in “Gentlemen of fortune”, croaked into the phone: “we’re having a baby!” Volodya shouted: “Hurrah!” It was long – awaited and desired child” – previously told Podolsky in an interview with Woman’s Day.

Throughout the first pregnancy Vladimir Natalia was surrounded by love and care.

“The end of the term due to the large belly was hard to bend down. And pregnant women have, unfortunately, always something falling from his hands. So the husband went around and raised all I dropped. I was touched,” recalls Natalia (read more HERE).

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“Natasha is a wonderful mother, in turn, says Vladimir. — Did not expect that she will plunge into it to a degree. It’s all so subtle, so right. And she never forgets about me. So no jealousy is not in sight. Tosca – wise woman. I was very lucky”.

Can’t get enough of her grandson and daughter-in-law and mother of Vladimir Presnyakov.

“Wladimir is the best dad, – says Elena Presnyakov. — For Nikita and for the Theme. He now gets up early, walks with the baby, helps Natusik. When she was pregnant, a speck of dust blown away with it”.

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