Плющенко пристыдил коллег за резкую критику Сотниковой A famous athlete came to the defense of a skater. Due to a serious ankle Sotnikova will not be able to play this season. Some colleagues Adeline believe that soon she will report on the completion of a career.
Плющенко пристыдил коллег за резкую критику Сотниковой
Плющенко пристыдил коллег за резкую критику Сотниковой

Before it became known that the Olympic champion in figure skating Adelina Sotnikova will miss the season 2017/2018 due to a serious injury. This was reported by Evgeny Plushenko, who is the coach of the athletes. According to him, the 21-year-old girl and failed to fully restore health to the competition. Nevertheless, Sotnikova is not going to end his career.

Other colleagues Adeline have a different opinion. Tatiana Tarasova believes that after breaking the bones in the foot and ankle the girl can not act. Vice-President of the International skating Union (ISU) Alexander Likiernik joined her point of view. He noted that Sotnikova will not be able to return to the same level.

Evgeni Plushenko was angered by such statements in the address of the ward. According to the famous athlete, in this situation, Adeline need to support, not criticize.

Adelina Sotnikova went to Evgeny Plushenko

“I’m 34, went through 15 surgeries, my coach believed in me when no one didn’t believe in me and all it was funny, but we with Alexey Nikolaevich Mishin won four Olympic medals in the last four Olympiads for Russia, for our great sporting nation! Although it’s not the easiest period in your life and many of my colleagues, who recently applauded you and praise you, now give very strange comments. You’re a great athlete! Let me remind you all! The first in the history of Russian women’s figure skating-Olympic champion! Instead of supporting a girl with a severe ankle injury, which is not easy, you pounced on her! Adelinka, I know how hard it is, he went through it. I am ashamed of my colleagues, was a shame! Fellow trainers, she is a member of the national team of the Russian team, not the enemy!” asked Plushenko to Sotnikova and other skaters.

Recall that Adelina started to train under the guidance of Eugene in April of this year. While participating in the Olympic games in Sochi mentor girls was Elena Buyanova. Thanks to the joint efforts Sotnikova managed to win a gold medal. Many fans of the figure skater expect she will be back on the ice and surprise with new records.

“All your fans believe in your return, sometimes we have great desire, but to deal with health and with the strongest contenders outside of human capabilities. Selecive injury and go on,” – this message gave Plushenko.