Плющенко защитил сына-чемпиона The athlete answered the detractors that questioned in a fair victory of his son Alexander. Plushenko, Jr., participated in competitions and took first place.
Плющенко защитил сына-чемпиона

The son of the famous figure skater, two-time Olympic champion Evgeni Plushenko and producer Yana Rudkovskaya 5-year-old Alexander first took part in competitions in figure skating and took first place. The young athlete won the “Cup of Evgeni Plushenko, who, as the name implies, holds his father. Little Sasha and trains at the Academy of his dad, there’ve been skating and daughter of Philip Kirkorov and Stas Mikhailov – Alla-Victoria and Mary.

Internet users disliked the victory of Sasha Plushenko, some have questioned the objectivity of the judging and openly write that the first place the son of the Olympic champion got him unjustly and solely on the parent “to pull”.

“The competition made specifically to motivate the child, that he felt the taste of victory!” “Riding awkward. Smile no. As if by compulsion. But well done trying to earn on toys”, “I don’t want to see it… I realized that this competition was just out of this club Papa and of course win no matter how to give baby …”, “Looked straight: rolls disgusting. Trying to, but without the talent will not do anything. Wooden artistry zero ease in the movement there. Why raping a child. Like to ride – there is a hockey and speed skating. Of course, it’s parents,” wrote netizens.
Плющенко защитил сына-чемпиона

It should be noted that on the day of the competition, Evgeni Plushenko has published on his page in Instagram video in which young Sasha gives an interview. The boy said that “third place is really bad” and he wants to be the first. “Like father like son”, – has signed a video Plushenko senior.

And later Eugene responded to the criticism of fans. The athlete noted not only the talent of the son, but said he was willing to bias.

“No matter what anyone said, and Sasha is really well done, and he will participate in all the tournaments I’m doing. He competed in a fair fight and beat their rivals, who were all older than he is. I watched all the participants, and would never tolerate bias, as not once he felt the injustice of judging! And the fact that Alexander is the name of Plushenko, and continues the work of my life – it’s wonderful! We are ready to bias, so it was, is and will be, we are not the first and not the last! The sport has become (for the most part) and his life too, and we all am very happy!”, – posted by Eugene.

Many fans of Eugene and caught him, and little champion. The followers came to the defense of Gnomegnome, as it is called Alexander Plushenko since childhood, and noticed how the increased professionalism of the athlete. “Intelligent, hard worker! Been watching Sasha. Progress on the face. He tries very hard”, “well Done Alex, all confident performs different elements. That’s what a workaholic!”, “You start to see how Sasha works, and mom and dad have nothing to do with! Rejoice for the child, a well-deserved Victory!”, – wrote Plushenko fans.