Plus-size model Tess Holliday boycott Uber because of the abuse of taxi driver

Plus-size модель Тесс Холлидей бойкотирует Uber из-за оскорблений таксиста

Tess Holliday is not going to forgive inflicted injuries. One of the most famous fashion models of plus-size was offended by the rudeness of the taxi driver transportation service Uber and called for their boycott.
On his page in the social network Integral Tess told subscribers in the video that the taxi driver mentioned above were rude to her, and it was said to model that she had to look after themselves, because that being overweight is not healthy.

“Hey @uber, I won’t use your services that I haven’t asked why I’m so fat and not saying that I need to lose weight because I don’t look great. No one should have to treat your customers like your employees, they are not entitled to it. Yes, I’m fat. But I also have a fat wallet, which I won’t use your service. Never. And again. When I told the driver that I’m healthy, he just turned the radio louder and change the subject,” wrote Tess. The woman posted a video of the driver, not showing his face. I must say that the man also has no symmetry. The taxi driver asked if the passenger is good cholesterol.
“My cholesterol is normal. I feel great. Yes, I’m healthy,” replied Tess.
Holliday later wrote that he wanted to just tell everyone what kind of treatment people are subjected to its weight category.
Uber has responded to the scandal instantly. On the official page of the service there was a message in which they urge drivers and passengers to be tolerant and treat each other with mutual respect.
A few years ago, Tess urged his fans to boycott the option of social network Facebook Project Harpoon, allowing to edit models big size and make the form smaller.
“I encourage my subscribers to boycott this page, and the like. Love yourself – this is the most inspirational message, which we all should refer to” — then said Tess.