Plump Yulia Lipnitskaya’t know fans

Располневшую Юлию Липницкую не узнают поклонники Fresh photos of Olympic champion caught in the net. To them Yulia Lipnitskaya looks a bit strange for her fans. Frames caused heated discussions followers girls.

Recently, the famous figure skater Yulia Lipnitskaya received a long-awaited keys to two-room apartments in Moscow. Elegant housing in the South-West of the capital, the blonde gave a construction company as a thank you for his excellent presentation of Russia at the Olympics. Yulia Lipnitskaya became the owner of a luxury apartment in Moscow

However, the leaked pictures where Julia first walks into his own house, has got fans not only excited. Some social network users were surprised to see external changes favorite. They noted the unusual beauty of style, new hairstyle and a few rounded form.


It should be noted that many subscribers do not just condemned idol appearance, but on the contrary, admitted that she likes them even more. More adult facial features, a stylish haircut and chubby cheeks, according to the fans, give the athlete a special charm. But in comments to posted fan clubs Julia turned real debate. One worry about a career champion and upcoming competitions, others on the contrary, urging the blonde to lose weight.

“Is it me or she gained a bit of weight? It’s very dangerous for the results of figure skaters”, “Very cute! Prettier so in recent years, grown”, “Why people find her weight when she’s in baggy clothes just?”, “People! Julia went back to my weight! She has a great figure, everything is normal, from the sport it does not go away cheeks and a new haircut to her only to face. If she goes, then she likes it!” – wrote caring.

Set in the weight of beauty, likely due to an injury she received, performing one of the elements. In the early winter appeared information about the fact that the girl have a serious operation. It was later revealed that the blonde has damaged lower back and hip joint and is already in rehab. That is why the champion for a long time could resume training.

Recall that after many years he studied with Eteri Tutberidze. However, after the first significant victories champion moved to another mentor – Alexey Urmanov. Later in an interview ex-teacher in figure skating Yulia admitted that the girl did not maintain its designated load.

In addition, later on the future career of the athletes spoke and honored coach of the USSR Tatiana Tarasova. She said that Lipnitskaya will forever remain in the memory and hearts of all those who have contributed to the ice, but to expect more she shouldn’t. According to women, Julia has already achieved certain heights and received a full confession. Tatiana Tarasova does not believe in the future of Yulia Lipnitskaya