Plump Nelly Furtado has paid off with the selection of dresses

Располневшая Нелли Фуртадо прогадала с выбором платья
Recently the fans of the singer Nelly Furtado with her work will know.

Располневшая Нелли Фуртадо прогадала с выбором платья

In the past year was the divorce of the singer with her husband, then Nelly has greatly gained weight. A few days ago, Furtado attended a charity event held in Monaco, and it is difficult to know.

The singer chose to release a shapeless dress, thus trying to hide plump figure.

First talk about the extra pounds went in the summer, when she took the stage in new York in a slinky jumpsuit, badly stressing the shortcomings of the shape of a star.

I hope that all the same Nelly Furtado will be able to take himself in hand and to bring her figure in shape.

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