Plump Natalya Selezneva, torturing themselves with strict diets

Располневшая Наталья Селезнева мучает себя жесткими диетами
The actress is trying to return to the previous figure.

Natalia Selezneva

Photo: the frame of the program “to visit In the morning”

The figure of Natalia Selezneva was the envy of many of her colleagues in the world of cinema, especially those who saw the actress eats. Previously, she had an amazing ability: he could eat an unlimited amount of most junk food and not gain a single gram of excess weight. Selezneva was eating a few servings of pasta, a favorite dish the actress has always been fried, said the actress “swimming in fat” potatoes. Without any consequences for the shape it is safely used in food and fat, and sweet, and flour. But then in one moment everything changed.

Selezneva was overweight, which are now suffering. But she set a goal: to return to the previous form and re-published in your favorite costume, which is now on it won’t come up. “I carry a sack of potatoes — an extra ten pounds… I said to myself that it is now very fashionable, there are small portions and healthy food, and I’ve always been a fashionista. Must conform to fashion, to lose weight, and that his eyes were swollen, — said Natalia in the program “on a visit in the morning.” — Besides, at some point I realized that I was even on stage, it was hard to walk!»

Seleznev’s been a month holds himself in tight rein, than very proud. She completely refused from flour and sweet. In addition, the artist is several times “cut” portions. Now a day’s 70-year-old Seleznev eats no more than 50 grams of meat (boiled and diet, of course), and a small handful of the vegetables prepared on pair. The actress admitted that already sees the first positive results from this diet.