“Plump” Natalie Portman came out of the decree

«Пухленькая» Натали Портман вышла из декрета
The emergence of the actress on the street has led to road congestion.

Natalie Portman

Photo: @nataliepdotcom Instagram

Residents of Los Angeles have been
intrigued by the action that unfolded on a street in Beverly hills. Directly
in the middle of the roadway, around a spectacular lady in a pink dress with fringe
fussed photographers. Meanwhile, drivers of cars stuck in the resulting
traffic, as traffic has been temporarily suspended, it has already started nervously
honk… Passers-by were able to identify in beauty — a 35-year-old actress Natalie Portman, which is not
appeared in public.

This scene marked the end of maternity leave Portman.
Natalie, who is only on 3 February this year gave birth to their second child, have returned
to work. She took part in advertising photo session, which had
nervous drivers in traffic jams. Fans are not left without attention the fact that Natalie, judging by the photos, yet failed to return to the “Dobermann” form, which, however, is absolutely forgivable for a young mother. However, fans still can’t get used to seeing Portman in a different weight class than before.

By the way, Portman soon will re-enter the set to take
part in the filming of the mystical series We Are All Completely
Beside Ourselves . In addition, this year the audience will be able to see two already
the finished work of the actress is fantastic
Thriller “Annihilation”, and drama “In the garden of beasts”, and the film “Life
and the death of John F. Donovan”.

as for the family life of the actress, something about her, she does not like to propagate. Actress
managed at the time to classify and marrying her current husband Benjamin
Millepied, and the time of the birth of her eldest son, Aleph, who is now 5.5 years. Yes, and
that she became a mother for the second time, the couple said this year only through
two weeks after the birth of her second child. The actress is so secretive,
he refused to tell us the real reason behind the cancellation of his planned
the appearance at the Oscars last March. It is justified then that is bad
feel pregnancy, though actually at the time, nursed his
already a two-week daughter…