Plump DiCaprio has shown her far from perfect figure on the beach

Располневший Ди Каприо показал свою далекую от совершенства фигуру на пляже
The actor decided to relax with his mistress in Mexico.

The paparazzi, who worked on one of the beaches in Mexico
had a lot of fun when he identified one of the guests — the owner does not
too well-developed muscles and an outstanding forward belly —the matinee idol Leonardo DiCaprio.
Recognized him immediately, as part of the face of the actor was covered with a large
sunglasses, chin and cheeks are decently grown beard. The
at least, the actor looked quite pleased with himself and life.

In Mexico the 42-year-old Leo arrived not alone: he had brought with him
his girlfriend, the gorgeous Nina Agdal on which, according to the overseas
press, he’s going to marry. Besides, along with DiCaprio to relax and
bask in the sun came a friend of actor Tobey Maguire, who two months
ago announced about their divorce. But most of the time, when Leo and Toby, who raided
in Mexico in the company of an unidentified beauty, relax and have fun on
the beach, Nina worked.She came here
not so much in order to have fun, how to participate in the next
promotional photo shoot. And came to sunbathe with Leo in free
time.About it reported the Internet-the portal

Incidentally, the last time DiCaprio more often
see on the secular parties and resorts than on the set.
After completing the last year of shooting the drama in Alejandro Inarritu Survivor and getting
for him a well-deserved “Oscar”, actor, apparently, was tired. In any case, in
this year he has not appeared in any new movie, and about any of it the next
declared projects, too, heard nothing yet…