Футболист Армстронг и его жена были убиты 16-летним сыном In the US there was a family tragedy. The teenager shot his parents – former NFL player Antonio Armstrong and his wife dawn. Relatives and friends of the victims can not believe what happened. According to the cousin of the deceased spouse of the athlete, they were a model couple that everyone wanted to be like.

    Футболист Армстронг и его жена были убиты 16-летним сыном

    42-year-old former player in the National football League, Antonio Armstrong and his wife dawn were shot собственным16-year-old son. This was written in some foreign media. The tragedy occurred in the couple’s home in Houston. Around 2:15 a.m. local time, the police received a call informing them about the shooting. Attire law enforcement officers immediately went to the rescue, however, they failed to help the family of a football player. Wife celebrity died at the scene. Antonio was hospitalized, however, he failed to save. From the received wounds to the head star died in hospital.

    It is also reported that at the time of the massacre Antonio and his wife, the other heirs a pair of 20 — year-old son and 12-year — old daughter also were in the house where the murder occurred. Frightened, they are unable to leave their rooms.

    At the moment police are investigating the incident. “This was a typical American family, we are trying to understand what happened in this house,” — said in an interview with KHOU detective Jimmy Dodson.

    The same says a relative of the spouse of the football player. According to the deceased cousin of a footballer’s wife Over Whether Armstrong, Antonio and dawn was a model family. The woman could not believe that the tragedy occurred and she had no explanation for what had happened.

    “Everyone wanted to be like them. Dawn never told anyone any bad words. She was one of those people who see the good in any situation”, — said a cousin died of a footballer’s wife with reporters.

    Relatives and friends grieve for the dead athlete and his wife. “Antonio was special. He was an outstanding player and no less a wonderful person. He’s such a good influence on their colleagues. He never ceased to smile and it gave him pleasure to be a coach”, — such statement was made by the footballer Richard Slocum.

    “Gone from the life of Antonio Armstrong. Love you, brother. See you in heaven,” wrote the writer to Grow Bronson, who devoted part of his book to the deceased athlete. According to the memoirs of Bronson, the player genuinely proud of his family. “One of my main goals is to be the best husband in the world for my wonderful and beautiful wife dawn Armstrong. She’s not only my friend but also the partner and also the love of my life” — gives rise to words of a deceased friend.

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