Модель PlayBoy Мария Лиман отказалась сотрудничать с администрацией Ростова из-за юмора Павла Воли

Модель PlayBoy Мария Лиман отказалась сотрудничать с администрацией Ростова из-за юмора Павла Воли

On the days of Russian viewers saw a new release TV shows Comedy Club, traditionally performed on stage with Paul Will, in its traditional style of stand-up Comedy. For this release he chose as the theme of the 25-year-old Mary Lyman, who recently put forward a proposal to take the post of head of the press service of Rostov. This city is for the model family.

In his speech, Paul often uses a large screen on which images appear for criticism and derision. This time the screen was placed the pictures of Mary, which Will is found on the personal page of the girl on Instagram. They model depicted either in lingerie or even without it. The comedian joked that it was a summary of the estuary for the post of head of the press service. He also noted that Russian officials generally like to appoint to important posts of beautiful young girls from Instagram. Will also asked the MPs in a live broadcast that has not yet received the answer: “You what? You thought us not to notice? Dear officials, are you serious? No one came to you for a job interview, and you had to catch people on the street?”

Immediately on the TV screen, Paul decided to turn to the model itself. IT’s in comic form asked her to accompany your photos texts that would characterize her as a politician. For example: “Yesterday I tested the Rostov dairy products. Tasty, yum”. It turns out the model I watched this episode and the next day published its response to Paul Will. The photograph of the girl sitting in the kitchen fully Nude, but private parts covered in whipped cream. She is not offended by jokes the comedian, and even said that she liked the humor, though I understand that the topic was serious affected.

It turns out, many citizens didn’t even know about such plans of the officials of Rostov, so after the episode started to write comments at the girl on the page. Maria was subjected to a wave of criticism from fans. In the end, after several days of deliberation, the estuary has decided to renounce the post of the head of the press service. She announced this personally to all my subscribers.

By the way, employees of administration of Rostov, too, were not silent on this matter. Deputy Anatoly Kotlyarov made an official statement and explained that the offer of the post in the press-service for Maria Lyman was a big misunderstanding. Just one of the deputies of the LDPR thus satisfied his “wishlist”. Also Anatoly asked the producers of the Comedy Club to give him the floor on stage on the set of the nearest pass to put the point in this little scandal. Whether allowed the writers of the show or not, we learn very soon.

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