Placebo едут в Москву

Enough to enjoy summer concerts Maroon 5, Muse and Rammstein, music lovers will get the opportunity to extend the fun, because with the concert in Moscow are Brits Placebo.

The musicians will give a large concert in SC “Olympic”, and it will be timed to the 20th anniversary team.

“Let’s just say at the concerts on this tour will be songs that we swore never to play. I think it is time to seek out the songs that our fans want to hear. They were very patient with us, because we rarely play live material from some of our most commercially successful albums. And tour, timed to the 20th anniversary, it seems to us the most suitable time to rectify the situation. This is the main idea of “20 Years of Placebo”. This tour is especially for our fans, it’s a chance for us to revisit our early materials. So, if you want to hear “Pure Morning” and “Nancy Boy”, which we haven’t played for almost ten years and probably will not play again, come to these shows. Surprises will be too”, said Brian Molko.


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