Питт снимет фильм о домогательствах Вайнштейна к Джоли The production company of actor is planning to launch a new project. Ex-wife of brad pitt Angelina Jolie has refused to star in the films Harvey Weinstein. After the recent scandal around the producer the artist did not miss the chance to create a painting based on that story.
Питт снимет фильм о домогательствах Вайнштейна к Джоли

In September 2016 brad pitt and Angelina Jolie announced the breakup. For fans of the couple it was a surprise. Now the actor is building a relationship with a teacher at the Massachusetts Institute of technology Neri Oxman. According to some reports, his ex-wife is infuriated by the fact that the man has a new novel, and she is bringing up six children and is in no hurry to plunge into relationships with men.

However, brad pitt decided to use the experience of family life in art. Last fall on the famous Director Harvey Weinstein was accused of sexual harassment from different Actresses world celebrities. The production company of actor Blan B Entertainment and Studio, Annapurna Pictures has decided to base his new paintings the story of the scandal connected with the controversial figure of the movie.

“The film will tell, how did the lives of investigative journalists, will be somewhat similar to the Oscar-winning tape 2015 “In the spotlight” reports the Boston Globe, revealing the facts of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church,” – said the representative of the company Ashley Momtahen.

The man added that the storyline will not be based on the life story of Harvey Weinstein. Among the 70 Actresses, which the man offered an intimate relationship in exchange for a successful career, Angelina Jolie, Penelope Cruz, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate beckinsale and many others. Meanwhile, last week the journalists who covered the sensational case of the Director, was awarded the Pulitzer prize.

Angelina, in turn, admitted that he had “bad experiences” of communication with Weinstein, and therefore not starred in his projects and warned colleagues.

By the way, Gwyneth Paltrow remembered that I had complained about lewd behavior Harvey brad pitt, whom he had met at that time. The young actor has threatened the Director, although he himself that could have cost his career. However the threat the young man had ruined his relationship with Harvey – then they are with Gwyneth took part in the filming. The fall of a Titan: how Harvey Weinstein lost everything after harassment scandal

As quoted the Weinstein Reuters, he denied harassment and had never been in an intimate relationship with someone without mutual consent.