Pitt will regret the divorce? Angelina Jolie started an office romance

Питт пожалеет о разводе? У Анджелины Джоли начался служебный роман
The actress was fond of young and hot co-star.

Питт пожалеет о разводе? У Анджелины Джоли начался служебный роман

Angelina Jolie


Angelina Jolie, who
yet not long ago swore “absolutely not interested in a new romantic
relations”, could not resist imposing fellow actor ed Stranom. With him
she met in preparation for the filming of the new movie “Maleficent-2”,
the sequel to the first film about the same character, where Angelina will again play a major role. As reported by one of the friends of ed publication, the Star, the novel by Skrana with Jolie while
is in its initial stage of development. However, both Angelina, and ed — looking forward to that soon
when in London will start the main part of the filming, they will be able to spend together
as much time as you want.

Ed Skrein

Photo: @Instagram edskrein ed Skrein

35-year-old ed trusted in the new “Maleficent” the role of the villain. Prior to that, he has already managed to attract the attention of his earlier works — “light up”, in particular, in the cult TV series “Game of thrones”. As for Jolie, for her, this film will be a kind of “comeback” – because as an actress she last appeared on screens in 2015, when he starred in his last film with brad pitt. By the way, admitted as Angelina, work on this challenging project, at the time, finally destroyed her relationship with brad…

By the way, Jolie can not worry about the fact that pitt may be jealous of her Screenu. Because he is now just not up to it: he is busy affair with his new friend-an intellectual, a 42-year-old Neri Oxman, a Professor-architect. It met in the autumn of 2017, and reportedly, their relationship is getting more serious.