Pitt met with all the children for the first time after breaking up with Jolie

Питт встретился со всеми детьми впервые после расставания с Джоли

For the first time since the beginning of divorce proceedings between Angelina Jolie and brad pitt, the latter was able to meet with all her children, natural and adopted. Informants tell us that the children arrived at 53-year-old pitt at his house in Los Feliz (CA).

Visit of Maddox, pax, Zahra, Shiloh, Knox and Vivienne to the Pope took place on 2 April. Of course, it is impossible to convey the emotions that the actor has experienced from this meeting. Note that because of the actions of Jolie (recall, the actress had accused her husband of domestic violence and alcohol and drug abuse), pitt for a few months it was forbidden to approach his beloved family. But if rare meeting happened, they were conducted under the supervision of a specialist (employee services).

Note that most likely this meeting with the children played a role in the fact that pitt wanted to start a bitter fight with Angelina. The reason to take revenge on his wife for her slander and libel was a recent case in the Playground, where a traumatized little girl – Vivian. Due to an oversight Babysitting the little girl fell and hurt her head. There are no serious consequences it will have, but brad is going to seize the moment.