Питт заставляет Джоли испытывать зависть The actor impresses with changes in life. Was reported that brad pitt is going to retire and leave Hollywood for the sake of a hobby. Moreover, he has found a new love – a woman that is angelina Jolie’s negative reaction.
Питт заставляет Джоли испытывать зависть

In September 2016, the news about the divorce of Hollywood actors brad pitt and Angelina Jolie shocked their fans. Many believed their Union is exemplary – they raised three children, and adopted still the same. After the application for divorce, the actor fought for the right to meet with the heirs and to take an active part in their upbringing. Brad pitt and Angelina Jolie are fighting for happy future of children

Now the passions around the famous actor continues. Not so long ago it became known that he was going to retire. Presumably, brad will devote himself to his favorite hobby – architecture. However, while he is working on two films, but then the pitt schedule is empty.

“When brad starts to move away from acting, he will be able to devote more time to art and design furniture”, – said the source foreign publications.
Питт заставляет Джоли испытывать зависть

Now brad pitt is establishing personal life. His fiancee, 42-year-old Neri Oxman, recently handed the actor the keys to his apartment, hinting at the seriousness of their relationship. However, the ex-wife Angelina Jolie are not so happily received the news and was not happy for the father of her children. According to a source close to the actress, she reacted very emotionally and with a hint of envy.

“She doesn’t want to hear any rumors about the novels of the former… She can’t cope with this,” he told reporters.

As it turned out, Angelina was surprised by the choice your ex-spouse. Despite the fact that he had a relationship with the most beautiful woman in Hollywood, she thought, this time he’ll choose a girl among colleagues.

“Angie saw the photo of Neri and felt a surge of envy. Incredible mind Neri knocked Angie off. Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology – the last person she expected to see next to brad. She would be more comfortable if her ex-husband chose another Hollywood actress,” he shared information source.

Now Jolie is worried about another thing – all compare her and Neri. Some say that they are similar. Even women of the same age. However, according to HollywoodLife, Angelina Jolie believes that Neri is not the taste of brad pitt and, in the end, does not fit the group ex-girlfriends of the actor.