Питт променял Джоли на Марион Котийяр

The Western media have finally found out the name of the mistress of brad pitt.

The rumors that pitt is cheating on angelina, I go for that year. Who not only matched in mistress. In the list was singer Rihanna, actress Lizzy Caplan from “Masters of sex”, the star of the movie “12 years of slavery” Lupita nyongo. Now the turn came to Marion Cotillard.

Of a secret connection with pitt with the French actress spoke after a Grim kin, producer of the film “Five minutes of silence,” on the set of which he met a couple, in an interview said that between brad and Marion while working there was real chemistry. I had the impression that they don’t play and really get each other romantic feelings! In favor of this argument is the fact that as at pitt and Cotillard in families is not going smoothly.

The French still did not marry his civil wife of actor Guillaume Canet, with whom he lives under one roof since 2007 and is raising 5-year-old son Marcel. Couple constantly postpones the wedding, and together in public appears less and less.

As for pitt, the rumors that he’s going to leave Jolie, do not cease for that year. Close friends of the couple say that the blame for the collapse of her marriage Angelina.

The actress, who lost 35 pounds, doesn’t listen to the advice of a frantic spouse and not to seek to gain weight, plus Jolie became so nervous that pitt is literally tormented by his jealousy. She always think that brad is flirting with a partner for movies, flirting with the nanny of their children.

Well, perhaps this is the case when there is no smoke without fire, and Jolie is going through is not in vain.

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