Pitt and Cotillard in a new trailer for “Allies”

Питт и Котийяр в новом трейлере «Союзников»

Not the last role in the breakup of brad pitt and Angelina Jolie played the Frenchwoman Marion Cotillard, with whom the actor worked on the painting “Allies” (“Five minutes of silence”). Despite the fact that Katia every time the question of journalists about the affair with pitt refused, do talk about this sowed the seed of doubt in the soul of Jolie. Apparently, it was another factor due to which the actress filed for divorce.

The Robert Zemeckis film was created this summer. Premiere to be held at the end of November 2016.

Today we have the opportunity to assess the new trailer, in which we are talking about the Second world war.

Recall the plot of the film tells us about the relationship during the fighting. Pitt plays the American spy, who while on a mission in Africa meets a beautiful French girl. The couple happens to be a passionate affair, she becomes pregnant, and after some time the hero pitt discovers that his beloved French spy.