“Pitoresca!” — fans discuss a daughter of Tolkalina, grown thin for 30 kgs

«Фитоняшка!» — поклонники обсуждают дочь Толкалиной, похудевшую на 30 килограммов
Masha Mikhalkov became the star of social networking.

«Фитоняшка!» — поклонники обсуждают дочь Толкалиной, похудевшую на 30 килограммов

Lyubov Tolkalina daughter Mary Mikhalkova

Photo: Natalia Kharitonova. On Mache dress Sfizio, Luba dress M. REASON

Daughter Lyubov Tolkalina and Yegor Konchalovsky Maria Mikhalkov
over the past year, became the star of social networking. And all thanks to her magic
transformation. Of a plump awkward teenager Masha has turned into a pretty
girl with a perfect figure.

«Фитоняшка!» — поклонники обсуждают дочь Толкалиной, похудевшую на 30 килограммов

The last picture Mikhalkova, which Tolkalina
published on the page in the social network, won a huge number
compliments and enthusiasm from followers of the actress. “What a hottie!
Real pitoresca!” commented the fans. “Pitoresque”
called popular girls who for a short time from buxom young ladies
has become into a slender and inflated beauties.

16-year-old artist told me that have lost an average of
thirty pounds. And this result does not seem her something
fantastic. “Just wanted and lost — shared Maria with reporters on
one of the social events. — How much I’m lazy and flabby, but
dropped about 30
pounds. In good, it to any person,
just had a strong desire. Not to say that it was very difficult.”

Daughter Konchalovsky adhere to a healthy diet and
constantly involved in sports. In the Arsenal of Masha horse riding, fencing, and
recently, she became interested in yoga, which many celebrities recognize
the ideal burden for keeping the tonics, all the muscles and providing
flexibility and gracefulness.

“The main difference with my mom, we’re not even in appearance, and in temperament, character, Outlook on life. She’s always somewhere in a hurry, and I stay put”

Photo: Natalia Kharitonova

Now Love, even worried that her daughter eats very little. But
just a couple of years ago Tolkalina worried about the figures of Maria and said,
that’s still blaming yourself for Mary’s childhood trauma — a fracture of the spine
which for a long time did not allow the child to practice many sports. “To
still, when she says: “my back hurts”, for me it’s like a punch in the stomach,
— Tolkalina told in interview to magazine “7 days” in 2016. — I feel
the blame for the incident. Because of this injury Mache for three years it was impossible
engage in any sports except swimming. And it was not simultaneous, on
which I still to this gave (because she is all my childhood they worked), and
about the normal, from side to side. Boring as hell. Mary howled and quickly
had to drop the class, and I couldn’t insist. When a child is injured
Willy-nilly begin to spoil him. As a result, Mache is not very clear what
such discipline. Sometimes while practicing at home they are with a teacher
slowly moved to the sofa, then moved to the same dinner, and they
continue to do for dinner… when I see it, you begin to SATNET. As
you can eat and do at the same time? Especially dinner at all harmful! Masha
thinks I remind her thereby on her complexion. And I think it’s still
a reason for her to hate me. Because as we all know, is hardly a sport
or diet can change genetics. And I advertise brands of clothes, my
looks still consider the model”.

Part of the Love then was right. Genetics do
difficult to change, and this, precisely, did not happen. The fact that in the early
interview with the actress admitted that as a teenager, she was not
skinny… apparently, with Mary occurred about the same thing in his
time and with Love. After adjustment of the organism in the difficult adolescent period,
Mikhalkov dramatically stretched (height girl, around 175 cm) and
lost. Now frequently in the literature, where the actress shared with subscribers
microblog with photos of my daughter, Mary is compared to Tolkalina talking about
with age, the girl becomes more and more like her famous mother. Of course
well, not face, namely shape.