“Pirates of the Caribbean” lost captain Jack Sparrow!

«Пираты Карибского моря» лишились капитана Джека Воробья!
Johnny Depp found a replacement.

Johnny Depp


For over 10 years, one of the main
characters allied to the popularity of the hugely successful franchise “pirates of the Caribbean”, was the captain
Jack Sparrow. Although in the “series” involved a lot of fine actors,
as show polls, for the sake of Jack, the audience bought tickets for every new
film. However, as became clear after the release this year of the new “Pirates” “Dead men tell no tales”, the popularity of the hero johnny Depp apparently went
on the decline. And the creators have decided on the unthinkable: in the following, sixth in
account of the film, Jack Sparrow will be killed! This was reported by the newspaper Daily Star.

Producers alerted a noticeable decrease in the results
box office. The new film has collected while half
than the previous one, “On stranger tides”, which was launched in 2011. And, as
showed new enquiries from the audience, this time much more enthusiastic
caused Depp, and the young actors who played the new characters. And now made
the decision to continue to build the story around
son of the heroes of Orlando bloom and keira Knightley – Henry (he was played by actor Brenton
Thwaites) and beauty Karina (Kaya Scodelario).

It seems that raged last year of the scandals
associated with the name Depp still has an impact, ultimately, on his
popularity. First of all, we are talking of course about his high-profile
the divorce process. Of course, amber heard failed to show clearly,
what Depp had beaten her. But what johnny had done everything to avoid litigation
proceedings of its charges, has led many to believe he is guilty. And recently there were reports about
that johnny is mired in debt, and was forced to start a massive sale
their property. Currently he is suing the firm who ran it
finances, trying to shift the blame on such taxes on the