Pippa Middleton is not enough thrill in honeymoon

Пиппе Миддлтон не хватает острых ощущений в медовый месяц
The sister of Duchess Catherine has been extreme.

Pippa Middleton, which is only a little
more than a week ago was married to James Matthews, spends his honeymoon
a month in an unconventional style. Sister
Duchess Catherine, instead of basking on the beach and SIP cocktails
made a risky ascent to high-rise design in
Australia. This was told to the reporter of the online edition people.com.

However, began honeymoon Pippa almost traditional: the next day
after the wedding, held at her parents ‘ estate in Balbieri, the couple
flew on an exotic island Atoll of Tetiaroa, located in
French Polynesia owned by
once Marlon Brando. But there Pippa and James are basking in the sun, and were
an active lifestyle has been the trendy paddle boarding, a boat ride and

A week later they flew to Australia, where he was taken
its ascent. On the supports of the bridge the Sydney Harbour Bridge they climbed
to a height of nearly 135
meters solely in order to admire
the views from this point a beautiful view of the surrounding area. However, for Pippa,
which last year climbed one of the highest mountains
Switzerland — Matterhorn (4.5 kilometers), it was likely not
too hard. But her new husband, James had probably
hard times. After all, as Matthews admitted some time ago, since when
climbing Everest killed his beloved brother Michael, he is nervous
developed a fear of heights… But in the end, James apparently managed to deal with his
fear for his beloved.