Пиппа Миддлтон рискнула жизнью ради любви
The sister of Duchess of Cambridge ready for her groom at all.

Pippa Middleton

Photo: Fotodom.ru

Pippa Middleton made a truly heroic act: to climb one of the highest mountains of Switzerland — the Matterhorn. And all this for the sake of the groom
James Matthews, who recently got engaged, and in memory of his deceased in the mountains brother Michael.

Pippa with a small group rose to a height of
about 4, 5 miles. Climbing it was difficult. But she still coped with all difficulties, including altitude sickness. All this younger sister of the Duchess of Cambridge told
an interview with “Daily Mail”.

Michael Matthews died at the age of 22. Despite his age, he was considered an experienced climber. The guy was planning
Everest and becoming thus the youngest Briton to sail
to the top of the mountain. Alas, the purpose Michael never reached. On the route he has gone, and his body so
never was found. Since then it’s been more than 15 years. However, James recently admitted that he still cannot come to terms with your loss. After this tragedy, the family has established a charitable Foundation in the name of Michael Matthews. Funds from this Fund go to building schools in countries where money for education is not enough — such as Thailand, Nepal, and Tanzania.

Pippa, climbing the Matterhorn, also helped to raise a significant amount of money transferred to the Fund.

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