Pippa Middleton does not want to see Meghan Markle on her wedding

Пиппа Миддлтон не желает видеть Меган Маркл на своей свадьбе

Pippa Middleton, sister of Duchess of Cambridge, sister-in-law Prince Harry, does not want to see his beloved Meghan Markle on her wedding with James Matthews< /strong>. The bride has nothing against women my brother-in-law, she just understands that the appearance of the couple on her wedding ceremony will draw attention away from her and James, and she’s very much do not want to play second fiddle at his own wedding.

Пиппа Миддлтон не желает видеть Меган Маркл на своей свадьбе
Insiders close to Pippa reported that she has requested her sister Kate explained to Harry and ask him not to bring Megan to the wedding, and to refer to some cause. Middleton saw what furore was caused by the appearance of Harry and Megan at the wedding of his friend Tom Inskeep and his bride Lara, Hedges Yang in Jamaica last week. Just the paparazzi chased the heir to the British throne and his lover, and the couple remained in the shadow of the relations of the Prince and Markle.
“Pippa noticed that all attention was focused on Megan, and not Lara. And for Harry, this whole situation was stressful, he worries that ruined my best friend’s wedding. Pippa and her mother Carol asked Kate if she could speak with Harry for a heart-to-heart and ask to come to the wedding alone” — says an insider.

Recall that Pippa was previously very that Megan came to her wedding. Invitations for Harry meant two places, and it is obvious that Markle was implied originally. For Megan this was to become the first official publication.
Sources told the publication RadarOnline, Pippa had prepared a “plan B” in case Kate refuses to speak with Harry.
“Pippa adopted the rule that the invited guests could bring a couple just in case, if they’re married or engaged. “No ring, no invitation” – that’s a new rule Middleton” — said the source.
A proposal of marriage to Harry is going to do in August of this year, just in time for the birthday of his beloved. Getting married, however, they can only next year, because this year’s event was to be seventy years anniversary of marriage of Queen Elizabeth II and her husband. Meanwhile, Harry’s father Prince Charles does not approve of his son’s choice. He and his wife Camille think that the “commoner” and “not even British” Megan is no match for the Prince.