Pink told about how to find a balance between family and work

Пинк рассказала о том, как найти баланс между семьей и работой

American singer Alecia Beth Moore, better known by his stage name Pink, has told overseas edition of the People about how to find a balance between family and work. The singer starred in an exclusive clip for the publication titled “What About Us”, where he revealed all the secrets.

Пинк рассказала о том, как найти баланс между семьей и работой

“I put all of myself and all that I have in everything I do,” says the singer in a little sneak peek of the short documentary On the Record: P!nk — Beautiful Trauma, which will be available to fans on October 13 at Apple music. “The hardest part is to decide everything. I signed up for this even as a 16-year-old, and now I have children and marriage.”

“I just want to know what you are doing it right. This is no longer a simple puzzle game — now it’s not just me,” admits Pink.

In the trailer of the documentary film the actress admits that making the album — it is not an easy task. Especially if you are at home waiting for her children — 6-year-old daughter willow sage, and a young son, Jamison moon, which was not yet informed. Children need special care and affection, which the singer has to combine with heavy work on the filming and recording.

Пинк рассказала о том, как найти баланс между семьей и работой

“First Studio recording, then writing songs, and then you have to finish songs, to fly to new York and then to Philadelphia. And there may be a choir in Philadelphia, and then photo shoots, shooting videos, and then you are already practicing the dance numbers for concerts,” says Pink about their daily routine. note that the singer has repeatedly shown a unique banner to its concerts. She climbed up on the tapes and was doing a complicated split.

“And now you’re going to a holiday tour, simultaneously while preparing for his usual tour, and it is a dance number which you must insert in the show. At the time your 6-year-old daughter went to the camp where you will surf, and 8-year-old needs to be vaccinated, and soon will you release a new seventh album.” says about his heavy routine Pink mom and successful actress.

During the story of the singer, the producer behind the camera pointed out her mistake, because her youngest son is only 8месяцев, not years. “I said 8-year-old? Ah, hell,” protested the Pink.

The documentary film includes many shots from the life and career of the singer, including an amazing performance by Pink at the theatre at Ace Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, where she sang several unreleased tracks for their fans.

December 26 came to light a little Jamison moon. Back in 2010, when the couple was expecting their first child, willow, in one interview they mentioned that the name of Jamison and they really like it. “My father’s name is James, and his brother is Jason,” Pink told the publication Access Hollywood, “my husband and I are both Irish, and the second my husband’s name is Jason, and jameson — we like whiskey. Yes, there is nothing to choose.”